Integrated Management System Basic Policy

Integrated Management System Basic Policy

At Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd., we organically integrate three management systems, quality, environmental, and information security, to meet the ever-diversifying needs of our customers. With the benefit of the synergy effects, we aim to provide safer, more secure, more eco-friendly, and higher quality products and services through our business activities and contribute to our customers, society, and environment.


1. We keep improving customer satisfaction by thoroughly understanding our customers' needs and wants and being aware of our role to create added value that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations.

2. We strive to reduce the environmental burden in our business execution and offer products and services that contribute to reducing our customers' ecological load by taking effective resource-saving, energy-saving, and pollution prevention measures.

3. We prevent information security breaches by implementing appropriate information security measures according to the risk level of each information asset. We will respond immediately, minimize the damage, and make our utmost effort to prevent a recurrence if it ever happens. We endeavor to protect information assets effectively.

4. We comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to our business activities or imposed by contracts. Furthermore, we also comply with other requirements to which we agree.

5. We promote education and enlightenment activities for all employees and others involved in our business to learn to recognize the importance of our integrated management system and take appropriate measures for each situation they encounter.

6. We continuously improve our integrated management system by setting goals for improvement and evaluating the effectiveness of our system and overall performance.


Enactment date: April 1, 2013
Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Toshiyuki Matsuda


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