We, Financial AlgoTech Company, are an in-house company of Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd. We were established in 2016 as the result of collaborative efforts between our advanced technology Research and Development team for AI/IoT and robots and a veteran trader with long and impressive business experiences at the forefront of the foreign exchange markets. We aspire to create new values in the asset management sector, utilizing the power of our superior technological capabilities cultivated by our industry-leading AI implementation and the expertise of a professional foreign exchange dealer working in synergy.

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Analyzing the foreign exchange markets with advanced technology
and leading the markets to a new era

Driving the market into a new era by analyzing the foreign exchange market with advanced technology

By fusing Ryobi Systems' AI technology and the expertise of the financial professional, we design data lakes that enable ultra-high-speed processing of extensive amounts of big data in the financial markets and develop algorithms for strategic utilization by repeating AI analysis and learning. Building on these accumulated algorithms, we organize and implement an in-house integrated management system that analyzes and forecasts foreign exchange markets, makes a right/wrong decision on each trading strategy, manages risks in investment portfolios, and updates algorithms in response to changes in the financial markets, with a plan of establishing an AI-managed foreign exchange hedge fund in 2023.

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Main Points of Our Project

Key points of the project


Pioneering with AI

Generally speaking, it is difficult to forecast foreign exchange markets due to the volume of sales transactions which are the largest among various markets. In addition, foreign exchange investment themes can change suddenly, and foreign exchange markets may be easily influenced by other assets. As there are currently no pioneers who are utilizing AI in these areas, we believe our successful venture with AI will brighten the future of financial markets.


Providing Reliable Investment Strategies

We pursue and carry out investment strategies that are not easily affected by market trends and bring investment returns. In 2022, we aim to put our in-house asset management operation into action to build our investing track record. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable investment strategies that they can trust. We strive to reach the goal by achieving solid success in generating a steady flow of profits and by fully explaining investment performances and results to our customers.


Creating New Values

At this time, Japanese domestic corporations, especially financial institutions, are having difficulties acquiring AI technology; furthermore, there is a shortage of engineers. We envision a future in which we can create new values in financial markets not only as an operator but also as a developer of AI algorithms by producing AI algorithms and providing products in collaboration with domestic financial institutions.


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