At Financial AlgoTech Company, we routinely check the market conditions and exchange ideas on a daily basis. From the daily news, we intuitively observed that the recurring words changed through global events or economic forums. To grasp the shift in these trending words, we converted the textual news data into word clouds with our algorithm and made it possible to visualize the change that we could only sense before. 

As shown in the sample images below, the August trending word “Olympics” disappeared in September.  Then, the term “inflation,” which was small in August, became significantly more prominent in September. In this way, by quickly grasping the changes in keywords from the news data that are gaining attention in the market, we intend to utilize them as guiding tools for forecasting market changes and outlooks. 

What Is a Word Cloud?

A word cloud is a visual depiction of words that frequently appear in textual data, showing them in different sizes according to their frequency.