Visolve for macOS

When you run Visolve Toolbar, the following icon is shown in the status bar.
Visolve Toolbar icon shown on the statusbar.
When you click this icon, the following toolbar will appear.
Appearance of the Visolve Toolbar.

Using the toolbar, you can transform color of the entire screen by clicking on one of the toolbar buttons. Starting from the left, the eight buttons of the toolbar are corresponding to Red-Green transform, Blue-Yellow transform, Saturation increase, Red filter, Green filter, Yellow filter, Blue filter, and Hatching. (In the initial settings, the Hatching button does not appear on the toolbar.)

While the transformed image is displayed, the cursor is the following shape:

Cursor shape while the transformed image is being displayed.

When you click anywhere on the desktop, the screen or the window will be returned to the original color, and the cursor will be also returned to the original shape.

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