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Color transform view
After tapping the "Transform" button in the original image view, the result of color transform is displayed on the color transform view shown in the right screenshot. Among red-green transform, blue-yellow transform, and saturation increase, the color transform applied at this time is the one that was last selected. (Red-green transform is applied when it's for the first time.)

In addition to the ordinary operations such as zooming and scrolling, the following operations are available in the color transform view:

  • Show the original image
    Tap the leftmost button on the upper navigation bar to go back to the original image view.
  • Re-obtain an image
    When you tap the rightmost button on the upper navigation bar, the camera function is activated if the current image was taken with camera, the image picker is activated if the image was selected from Photo Albums, or the web browser is activated if the image was copied from a snapshot of a web page.
  • Alter color transformation to be applied
    Red-green transform, blue-yellow transform, or saturation increase is applied to the image by tapping corresponding button on the segment control in the lower tool bar. The name of color transform that is being applied is shown in the center of the upper navigation bar.
  • Adjust transform degree and select transform options
    Tap the rightmost button on lower tool bar to show a setting view corresponding to the transform that is being applied.
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