Accessory functions

Visolve for Windows

Visolve Deflector has the following accessory functions:
Color samples
  1. Display color samples
    By selecting the "Show color pattern" item in the File menu, the color samples are drawn in the window as shown in the right. The window being showing the color samples is the same status as having captured the screen image, so you can apply the color transformation to them. Using the color samples, you can confirm how each transformation works, and they may be helpful when you adjust the transformation degree. By selecting the "Clear image" item in the File menu, the color samples are erased and the window becomes ready to capture screen.
  2. Operation in TaskTray
    You can place the Visolve icon to the TaskTray notification area. At this time, the frame window is hidden.
    Visolve TaskTray icon
    When you click the icon in the TaskTray, the color transformation is applied to the entire screen. Depending on whether you click the left or right mouse button, the following action occurs:
    • Left mouse button
      When you select the color transformation which is executed at the same time as capturing screen image by changing the preferences, that transformation is applied to the entire screen. If you select the "No transformation" in the preferences, no transformation is executed.
    • Right mouse button
      The simplified menu is shown, which contains the three items: "Show window", "Preferences...", and "Exit". When you select the "Show window" item in the menu, the Visolve icon is removed from the TaskTray and the frame window is shown again.
    When you click anywhere on the desktop after the transformation, the screen will be returned to the original color. While the transformed image is displayed, the cursor is the following shape:
    Cursor shape while the transformed image is shown.
    When the screen is returned to the original color, the cursor is also returned to the original shape.
    You can't select the "Move to tasktray" item in the File menu while the image is captured in the frame window.
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