Visolvethe assistive software for people with color blindness for Windows

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By using Visolve, you can apply the three types of color transformations, the filtering, or the hatching to the specified area on the screen.

Visolve for Windows includes the following two components:

  • Visolve Deflector
    is the program invoked by Windows start menu, shortcut, etc. You can transform color in the specified area, or color of the entire screen. Moreover, you can adjust the transformation degree and can select the buttons to be shown on Visolve Toolbar.
  • Visolve Toolbar
    appears at the desktop taskbar, the Explorer window, and the Internet Explorer window by selecting the Visolve item in each menu. You can transform color of the entire screen, and color of the entire Explorer window respectively.

Requires: Windows 10
Language: English / Japanese
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