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Visolve RT for iPhone can apply the color transformations, filtering, and hatching, which are same as PC version, to the live video preview. While Visolve for iPhone transforms colors in a still image such as a photo or a web page, Visolve RT for iPhone transforms colors in a video stream continuously. So you can watch a screen of a video or a game which consists of indistinguishable colors, with transforming the colors.

Additionally, it can simulate the appearance of an image for people with color blindness. By using this feature, people with normal color vision can check how color-blind people see the world around them.

The right screenshot is the startup screen shown when you start Visolve RT for iPhone. After a few seconds, the video preview screen appears automatically, and then you can choose the color transformations, etc. that is applied to the preview image.

You can watch the short video to see how it works.

Requires:   iOS 11.0 or later
Language:   English / Japanese
(Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad)

Screenshots of Visolve RT for iPhone (Click to enlarge.)
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