Visolve for Windows

Install Visolve
After you download the following setup program, and then run it.
available on Windows 10/11 (64-bit version).
If you have installed the previous version of Visolve Toolbar and you install the above new version over it, please follow the below steps before the installation:
  1. hide Visolve toolbar on Windows taskbar, Explorer and Internet Explorer,
  2. logoff the Windows and relogon, and
  3. run the setup program.
⚠ Visolve Toolbar is not included in the latest (v4.5 or later) version of the package. However, the Visolve Deflector in taskbar mode offers the same operability as the Visolve Toolbar.

How to invoke
  • Visolve Deflector
    The setup program will add the Visolve folder which contains shortcuts to Visolve programs, to your Windows Start menu. You can run the Visolve Deflector by selecting the shortcut "Deflector" in that folder.
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