Color transformation concept


Assume that people with normal color vision perceive all colors on a display as the cubic region of a color space like opponent color space, shown in the following figure (a). Then people with color blindness perceive the same color as the region near the two-dimensional plane, shown in the figure (b) or (c).
Color gamut of a display
The following figure shows how Visolve Red-Green transform transforms the colors in the color space. (It is a cross-sectional view of the color space viewed from the direction of the yellow-blue axis.) In colors of the same brightness, redder colors are transformed to brighter, and greener colors are transformed to darker.
Location of original colors Location of transformed colors
Protan and deutan observers can perceive luminance-element and yellow-blue-element from original colors. And they see changes by Red-Green transform which reflects red-green-element on luminance-element. As a result, they could obtain three-dimensional information.

Blue-Yellow transform transforms colors in the same way as this with respect to the luminance and yellow-blue axes.

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